Company Profile 

Computest Vehicle Laboratories Ltd., and Computest Engineering Equipment Ltd., were established in 1984 by Mr. Yona Ben-David.

Computest Vehicle Laboratories Ltd.,  is primarily involved in the development of dynamic vehicle testing equipment .  Mr Ben David established in 1963  Dynamometer Engineering Equipment Ltd., for the prime purpose of annual vehicle inspections. In 1986, the company was divided into 2 companies and became known as  Computest Engineering Equipment for conducting after market pre-sales inspection  including annual roadworthy inspections and Computest Vehicle Laboratories. as a  stand alone R & D  company responsible for developing  the world's most advanced all in one vehicle testing  equipment known as the VCT, Vehicle Characteristics Tester. The equipment is ideally suited for end of line inspections, quality control and after sales inspections for cars and heavy vehicles.

Computest Engineering Equipment Ltd., has developed into Israel's dominant  network of vehicle testing stations for annual vehicle inspections and 2nd hand pre sales inspections and comprises of a network  of 17 stations located throughout the country.

Mr. Ben David has been involved in vehicle testing and computerized analysis of vehicles for over 50 years.

The Vehicle Characteristic Tester (VCT) is a high-technology testing system that is designed specifically for the modern vehicle and its stringent demands. The VCT is a multi-function unit, operated by a single tester, performing all vehicle systems tests, under real road conditions all in less than 2.5 minutes for cars and 4.5 for heavy vehicles.

The VCT is the only testing system that complies with EEC standards.  Today we install and operate VCT testing stations all over the world whilst  adapting systems to the needs and legislation of each country. We train personnel on-site and provide our technicians for calibration and maintenance of the equipment for its entire working life.

Head Office: Yasmin 4,Ramat Efal, (R.G.)  

17 units throughout Israel (10 family owned and 7 franchized)

Market share:

Vehicles inspected average 300,000 p.a. Computest's share  20% - 60,000


Mr. Yona Ben-David:  C.E.O.

Mr. Hezi Ben-David:  Managing Director Computest Engineering